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Deluxe package (Kokodoulaus) 2400€ 

Package content

5 prenatal visits of 2h each + belly painting (2h)

Mother's blessing / Blessing Ceremony: where we celebrate you, your strength and beauty. Where your friends come to show love and support in your coming transition.


Design of a birth plan conformed to your situation and wishes.

Free access to my "birth library" and possibility to borrow material such as a gym ball and TENS unit if available.


We will practise different positions to prepare birth in a peaceful atmosphere and find the best pain reliefs for you (massage, acupressure, etc.)


I will be available for you two weeks before the birth.

Don't be afraid to call or text me at any time of the day and night.


Labour and birth:

Continuous support during labour and birth 

Breastfeeding guidance within the hour following birth

1 postpartum home visit asap after birth (2h30), including a postpartum dish, and bengkung belly binding (included 3 week-rent)

We will write a report, an appraisal and share impressions about the birth.

1 second postpartum meeting (2h30)

1 ceremony : Bath or Yoni steaming (30mn) + "sealing" ceremony (3h) which will heal your body and mind of new mother and nurture your soul.

If you wish a birth keepsake such as a placenta print (tree of life), count on me. This will be free of charge.


Is it the right package for me?

It is your second or third birth. You never had a doula before and want to offer yourself this gift.

Or you had a doula before but a different one and you need time to get to know your new doula and develop trust and intimacy.

It is your first birth and you would like to know more about the physiology of birth, what are the pain relief options and how to get a smoother birth thanks to an optimal fetal positioning. You are also very interested in the spiritual journey pregnancy, birth and transitions bring.

You are not sure what to expect, you are a bit scared and want to get yourself covered and pampered.

It is your last birth and you want to please yourself.

It is the right package for you just because.

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