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Virtual support is real support


Some parents request a virtual support during pregnancy, birth or after. 

This can be a solution for traveling parents, immigrants, expats or when hospital settings don't allow the presence of a doula. It can also be a deliberate choice of pregnant persons or partners to be "in their bubble", intimate, without the physical presence of a doula.

A remote doula can help the parents to understand the risks and benefits of interventions suggested by the medical team and support their choices. 

A remote doula can enhance the parents' ability to be actors of their birth.

I offer the following services in English and French:

1h Zoom prenatal call (we agree on the date):


Immediate virtual birth doula: 

You are in the hospital, at home, in a birth center or anywhere else. Your labour is starting or you are on your way for an induction. You hadn't planned it but you suddenly realise you need a remote birth support. Maybe you are alone, your partner is abroad or at work. If I can be with you/your partner through the phone I will support you. Otherwise, I will contact my doula network and see if one doula is able to support you virtually.


1h Zoom postpartum call (we agree on the date):


Virtual doula, full package: 400€ (1h prenatal call, 2 week on-call period, 1h postpartum call)

Photo by Mustafa Omar on Unsplash

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