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These are the experiences of lovely parents I have had the honour to meet and support during my doula journey.

"I was glad with Chloe's availability. She was there for me on New Year’s Eve!

Having a doula is highly recommended. Chloe is very considerate and thoughtful. I was very touched when she brought a bag of lavender flower for me during labor."

Fanny Widjaja, mother of Ethan, Helsinki

Mother and son

Photo courtesy of the Widjaja family

Baby Fiona

Baby Fiona. Photo courtesy of the Sprinkel family

"The most unexpected perk of having a doula was the depth of the bond. Chloe was very knowledgeable, loving, and understanding of us as first time parents. She anticipated our needs and fears, and have us excellent resources with encouragement.

We chose Chloe based on some similar experience we had growing up in nature and with animals and our intuitive feeling about her. And, we were right! Chloe felt like an old friend, right away."


Therese Sprinkel, mother of Fiona Grace, Helsinki

"The birth experience at the hospital is for the most part in the beginning without staff which I didn't really understand before hand. It was good to have somebody there with us.

Chloe was warm, understanding and knowledgeable."

Robert S., father of Fiona, Helsinki


Anna and Alexander.
Photo courtesy of Anna.

"I felt safe. I was surprised in a good way about detailed advices on preparing for a childbirth and also great photos taken during childbirth! I would have never thought myself, but actually these are exceptional memories.
Having a doula helps a lot to focus on your child birth and not worry about practicalities or anything else. The doula will solve it for you in a best way, at the same time giving you support and truly sharing every moment with you.
I would recommend Chloe as a professional, caring and light-hearted person, being able to guide gently through the childbirth. I would also mention easy communication, which is very important!"

Anna, mother of Alexander, Espoo

"I really liked the involvement, attention and responsibility of Chloe from our first meeting and after the birth of my twins. My husband was skeptical of the idea of ​​turning to a doula, but I got even more support than I expected .

I didn’t feel distracted nor frightened before and during childbirth. We discussed all aspects of pregnancy and the birth process, I was ready for anything. I was in a very positive mood and Chloe helped me and supported me. During childbirth, I was concentrated and we used massage techniques and different postures that we tested during pregnancy. After giving birth, Chloe helped me the first hours.

Our first meeting was decisive: we got to know each other. It was important to feel that Chloe hears me and we are on the same wave."

Katja, Mother of twins, Espoo

IMG_4473 - Erkka Rantala.JPEG

"You are mothering, you know how, you are balancing and softening the environment and helping the father as well.
Your communication style and manner made us decide after the first meeting."

Gizem and Erkka Rantala, Parents of Oliver Ravi, Helsinki

Gizem and Oliver at the Maternity ward
Photo courtesy of the Rantala family

"When I was looking for a doula I though that having a doula is only about not being alone in the hospital. But you gave me so much more. Having you around was amazing and I am thankful for that. I learned about many pain relief techniques, how to excercise and relax. But the most amazing moment was that you helped me to change my baby’s position.
I would recommend you to every pregnant women I know, not only to my best friend. I would tell them that you can help them to think about labor as something beautiful and very natural.
After our first meeting I felt like I had known you for years and I had this feeling that having you around would be like to have a friend there."

Michala, mother of Elias, Matias & Nikolas


Photo courtesy of the Pajor family

"I could trust Chloé fully and be able to share my intimacy during birth and in the process of preparing for it.
Having a doula has been essential. Chloé was able to team up with my husband to help me through this incredible experience that lasted 11months (postpartum included). Her strong energy that makes her really spontaneous, was really helpful and comforting especially during labor. For 17 hours she never stopped being there for me and gave me all the strength she had to help me cope with the intense contractions. She is someone you can trust totally and be yourself with.
Chloé is French like me and having someone speaking to me in my mother tongue was really important for me. Also she knew how to make me feel comfortable and be able to speak about my emotions and fears. "

Alice Piekkola, mother of Élias, Espoo


Photo courtesy of the Piekkola family

Dear families, midwives or doctors, don't hesitate to send me your feedback!
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