baby grips mother's finger
Supporting Pregnant Folks
and Families through
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy and birth are both natural processes. Our experience, cultural background, environment and temperament can deeply impact these moments.

Increasing the chances to experience your dream birth, healing previous traumas, getting rid off limiting beliefs, getting acquainted to your inner force, are as many opportunities to make this period of your life the sweetest and the most empowering of all times for you and your family.

Having a birth doula reduces:

  • Pre-term labours

  • Inductions 

  • Length of labours

  • Use of epidurals

  • Use of tools such as succion cup or forceps

  • Haemorrhages in mothers

  • Postpartum depression

Having a birth doula increases:

  • Positive birth experiences

  • Chances of a fast recovery

  • Positive breastfeeding/chestfeeding experience

  • Bonding between parent and baby

  • Unity within the parents and the family

    More on the positive impacts of doulas on the Evidence Based Birth website.