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Supporting Pregnant Folks
and Families through
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy and birth are both natural processes. Our experience, cultural background, environment and temperament can deeply impact these moments.

Increasing the chances to experience your dream birth, healing previous traumas, getting rid off limiting beliefs, getting acquainted to your inner force, are as many opportunities to make this period of your life the sweetest and the most empowering of all times for you and your family.

Having a birth doula reduces:

  • Pre-term labours

  • Inductions 

  • Length of labours

  • Use of epidurals

  • Use of tools such as succion cup or forceps

  • Haemorrhages in mothers

  • Postpartum depression

Having a birth doula increases:

  • Positive birth experiences

  • Chances of a fast recovery

  • Positive breastfeeding/chestfeeding experience

  • Bonding between parent and baby

  • Unity within the parents and the family

    More on the positive impacts of doulas on the Evidence Based Birth website.

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Vanessa Taylor,
Mother of Maya Luna,

The most unexpected perk of having a doula was the levity brought to what was expected to be a very serious time. Chloé's sense of humor and ability to brighten the room with her bubbly energy was a welcome addition to our birthing team--balancing the strong, steady presence of my partner and helping to quell my anxiety leading up to the birth.

If a best friend was considering a doula, I would strongly encourage her to interview a few individuals before making a decision--and to trust her instinct about who would be the best fit for her and her partner. The person who has the most experience or credentials is likely to be an excellent doula; however, it is much more important to find a person with whom you feel comfortable. As noted above, Chloé has a unique way of bringing laughter and light to a serious situation, and her endearingly goofy manner immediately put us at ease.

When my partner and I first met Chloé, we immediately felt a connection with her. In particular, I appreciated that she genuinely seemed interested in us as individuals and as a couple--as evidenced by her curiosity and manner in which she asked us questions. Also, her playfully lighthearted approach definitely made her stand out.

Chloé's lighthearted approach may not be the right fit for everyone...and sometimes a bit more structure to our meetings might have been beneficial; however, the overall effect was that the mood was brightened and our worries assuaged, so ultimately it worked well for us.

Mother of Amélia,

The perks of having a doula: Having someone by my side while my husband was calling the hospital / taxi / ambulance so that I was never alone.

I absolutely recommend doulas! It is very difficult for you or your partner to advocate for yourself during birth, no matter how much you prepare for it, and having a doula ensures that your wishes are respected (whenever possible). Chloé will fight for you in a non confrontational way, which preserves your relationship with the medical staff while making sure you are heard.

I contacted Chloé for two reasons: because she was French, and because of her online presence, she seemed very caring and I liked the way she thought. After the first 5 minutes of meeting her, I knew I wanted to hire her! I was just immediately comfortable being around her, she's warm and funny and caring. That was the most important thing to me, since birth is such a vulnerable time.



I had no idea how much there is to do during birth, for me but also for Andrey. So having extra help was really needed.


We enjoyed that Chloé was listening to our needs, she was calm and supportive during birth and in all meetings and didn’t put any pressure on us.

Mother of Arseni,

Level of support and involvement from my doula were overwhelming: more than I could have wished for. Not only at birth, but also before and after birth.


Chloe had no judgement and all the support you need. She loves what she does, and can be trusted.

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